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I would like to tell you a few stories about geotechnical works…

I remember back in the year 2000, almost 25 years ago, when I began working on my very first project, one that was in deep trouble due to quality issues. Our mission involved the execution of a deep cut-off wall under a dam, in karst gypsums, employing a mixture of bentonite-cement-fly ashes, and utilizing a hydrofraise for excavation.

In fact, that was one of the first times the hydrofraise technology was utilized in Spain, which meant that we were exploring a new territory and many procedures had to be established. We encountered several obstacles, but in the end we succeeded in implementing a control system that rectified the initial issues.

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The newsletter you’ll receive, if you subscribe, won’t just showcase the triumphs; it’ll also narrate instances of failure. Because let’s face it, things on a jobsite don’t always go smoothly. However, you often learn more from disasters than from successes, like on that underground project I worked on, in Madrid, where we had to repair dozens of 2-meter diameter piles due to unforeseen events.

That project taught us many lessons through its challenges…

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Back in 2003, I was the project manager on a tunneling job where concrete diaphragm walls were being executed. The zone was environmentally protected and required very strict management of the bentonite slurry.

For the first time in the industry, we implemented innovative recycling systems for the support fluid that would eventually evolve into a zero-waste system for handling bentonite mixes.

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Authentic, real-world stories carry infinitely more value than theoretical insights. That’s why, each week, I aim to bring you genuine tales from the field of geotechnical works and ground engineering. These stories, rich in diverse perspectives, come paired with focused tips designed to deliver significant practical value to you.

Stories like my frequent trips to Paris to secure a significant contract in the Grand Paris Express in 2018, involving diaphragm walls, bored piles and jet grouting. I did not know at the time how critical were contractual issues like insurances, bonds, penalties…

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I recall, for example, how in 2014 I was engaged in intense discussions with a private equity firm interested in our company on which key performance indicators (KPIs) should we establish to monitor the company’s progress.

It was during this time that we implemented our assets utilization tracking system and our commercial platform.

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